Best Food Manufacturing Company in Canada


To create and shape a positive work environment that fosters innovation and progress. We will demonstrate the stewardship and value of commerce to our members by

  • Strategically influencing issues that impact trade
  • Successful advocacy with lasting impact
  • Sustainably marketing the visibility and contribution of our business
  • Promoting best business practices and providing key insights.
  • Supporting our clients by providing in-depth knowledge and choice

Develop our imagination

We are recognized as the trusted authority and voice best food manufacturing, health and consumer products that Canadians use every day.


The CPSP is the voice of Canada’s leading food, health and consumer products manufacturers. Our industry employs more people than any other manufacturing industry in Canada, in companies of all sizes, and we produce and sell safe, high-quality products that are the foundation of healthy families, healthy communities and a healthy Canada.

What do we do for our members?

CASP works to ensure food and product safety, bring innovative products and healthier options to market, ensure sustainable distribution, label products and ensure the industry is competitive so that Canadians have choice and are prepared to access safe and innovative products that are world-leading. Be the voice of the industry on many issues important to Canadians, including

Best Black Watches


As a Black-owned watch company, are pleased to offer high-quality, affordable minimalist watches and stylish men’s watches. No matter what fashion you wear, you can’t go wrong with Fourth and Avery watches! With an assortment of the best minimalist watches, you are sure to find something you will love without sacrificing high quality. Feel free to support Fourth and Avery, the pride of black watch owners and operators.

Get to know our employees.

The goal of our passionate, innovative, and dedicated staff is to provide unique knowledge with every visit. Through our values of integrity, teamwork and dedication to Black Watch – we aim to be recognized as Scotland’s number one destination for customer engagement. We are known for our world-class service and high quality in all aspects of customer care and expertise. We are proud to be the number one customer engagement company in Scotland.

Our charitable objectives are to

  • To educate as many people as possible about the history and actions of the Night’s Watch and the British Army.
  • To develop the humanities, heritage and tradition
  • By all charitable means, to promote the qualities of courage, self-discipline, perseverance, honesty, loyalty, respect for others, selflessness and teamwork, and in particular to improve the character of the youth of the community.

Clean and Certify Your Kitchen in Best Way


Specific Hoods Inc. cleans and certifies kitchen exhaust systems throughout the GTA and beyond. The best kitchen hood cleaning prospects are very friendly, and we work with food service establishments of all sizes. From small stores to large chains, we clean everything from pizza to pizzerias.

Hood cleaning is a necessity for all food service establishments, and Specific Hoods offers quality cleaning services in addition to unmatched customer service.

Safety in our office is our number one priority. Cleaning range hoods isn’t just about making them shine, it’s also about preventing fires, and we take this task very seriously. From the roof fan, through the ductwork, to the hood, we clean every part in accordance with NFPA Code 96.

The specific extraction process is simple. First, all utensils are protected with plastic sheeting to eliminate any possibility of contamination. Second, the fume hood is additionally wrapped with plastic film to catch any spilled water.

We like to work indoors and clean up after we leave the kitchen. At the end of each job, we clean the floor and sink, leaving your kitchen cleaner than when we walked in the door.