Customized coaching programs

At Horizon Measurements, we offer coaching packages for all industries.

Horizon’s customized options will provide your team with exceptional training. We don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all solution, and we will work with your specific team to create a program that will give you the results you want. Our goal is to make sure your team is using the right equipment and software. Our goal is to ensure that your team is using the right hardware and software to collect scenarios efficiently and accurately. We offer a variety of training courses, including hardware, software, program and process training. Please contact us for more information on our packages.

Easy Payment

Business to Business / Business to Application – No more equipment repairs. We provide new equipment every 2/3 years, so you won’t have to incur high repair costs. Just ask us how we do it.

  • Easy cost options and in-house financing – We have cost options for all types of businesses.
  • We offer 0% financing on most equipment. – Just ask us how we do it.

Cash cycle management can be a very powerful tool for your business. We also offer personal financing and leasing to ease your monthly burden.



We run Gone Country Hats with a simple philosophy. We treat our customers the way we want them to treat us. Call us and you’ll talk to an owner who will make you happy. Simply put, we have excellent customer service.

Most orders are shipped from our Orlando, FL warehouse within two business days. All hats are carefully inspected before being packaged. We have custom packaging available to protect your cowboy hat during shipping.

We are always looking for the best materials and quality. All of our hats are handcrafted and come with a lifetime warranty. Finally, our costs are kept low.

If you have searched for “western hats near me” or “cowboy hat sellers near me”, consider your search over. At Gone Country Hats, we offer authentic, high quality cowboy hats.

Who would wear one of these?

If you think you have to be a “real cowboy” to wear a Gone Country cowboy hat, you’re in the right place. I believe that if you are human, you should have the dignity of a human being, not a human being. Western style hats are great for wearing to the lake, pool or races. Some cowboy hats (and some of our potential customers) are a little rebellious. Since launching Sponsored Artist, I’ve met some of the most unbiased artists performing Outlaw Country music. We have a whole new breed to offer that would suit the outlaw chaps who want a flat brim felt cowboy hat.

Spotlight On: Wellness Speakers 


Spotlight Ultimate goal is to find the right speaker to talk about a good concept and make your event a success. With the absence of face-to-face meetings and remote work becoming the norm, the need for communication is more important than ever. We help our clients transition to digital signage so they can access experts from around the world. Our main goal is to continue to educate, engage and inspire people around the world.

By partnering with world-class digital event manufacturers and adhering to audio display standards, our digital capabilities are no longer the stereotypical webinar they once were. Our audio-based digital capabilities are interactive, immersive and personalized experiences. They take many forms, including keynote speeches, group conversations and fireside chats. They rely on the best guest speakers for events, consistent, high-quality content and presentation and offer a variety of options.

To see what you can achieve with the digital technologies at your disposal, why not try our bi-weekly Digital Speaking series? We’ve included audiences here, but their experiences and inspiring stories can help you adapt to the new reality, both personally and professionally, too.