Handcrafted leather products

From leather selection to final inspection and polishing, all Lederhaus products are handcrafted to the highest standards.

Our products are designed to last a lifetime, which means they are not only durable, but also timeless.

Linda House.

We are a boutique located in Toronto, Ontario and we offer handmade leather goods. We keep our products in the best condition and guarantee that our leather products will exceed your expectations.

Full Grain Leather

The leather used in our products is the finest genuine leather from Italy. It has an exceptional look, feel and craftsmanship that will last a lifetime. Each leather bag is completely different, just like us, and tells its own distinct and unique story.

Made with care, it will last a lifetime.

Our pieces are carefully crafted from high quality full grain leather that takes on a rich flavor with age and daily use. This gives them a structured appearance. In general, grained leather products can last 20-30 years or more with proper care.

Professional Foot Care Tools


Jonathan Tomins is a foot specialist (chiropractor) working at the Mississauga Foot Clinic near Toronto, Canada.

Since April 2017, he has been posting videos on his YouTube channel about daily foot care routines. His “The Toe Bro toenail nippers” videos are a hit with online viewers, with over 100 million views.

Jonathan’s goal is to continue to raise awareness and educate the public on the importance of foot health in our lives.


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Best Industrial Instrumentation

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  • Licensed gauge repair to maintain instrument accuracy.
  • Available for all meters and thermometers.
  • Calibration can be licensed.
  • Register your calibration certificate with Winters and we will email it to you before it expires.

Dial Replacement

  • Replacing outdated or obsolete dials
  • Dials can be replaced with Winters or non-Winters instruments.
  • Custom dials are available – Winters can design a dial to your needs.

Liquid Filling and Emptying

  • Liquid-filled gauges suppress and reduce vibration of the gauge needle.
  • Refill existing fluid if leaks occur
  • Compatible with all filling fluids
  • Can be converted to a dry gauge if no liquid fill is required.

G.A.P. Audit

  • Winters sales representative visits the facility and registers equipment (Winters and non-Winters).
  • Make and record work tools and non-Winters tools.
  • Provide a report showing instrument halves and location and report any required corrective action (if applicable).

Oxygen Cleaning

  • Very important if equipment is to be used for oxygen
  • Cleaning of Bourdon tubes and instrument ports
  • Oxygen cleaned instruments can be returned in individually labeled and sealed packages.
  • All instruments can be used

Joints, bells and sockets

  • Fits all types of seals, gauges, switches and transmitters.
  • Accepts appropriate Winters and non-Winters products.
  • Fills diaphragm seals included in the service
  • Calibration of all assembled models


  • Complete repair of stress and temperature equipment and diaphragm seals
  • Non-Winters products can also be repaired.
  • This service is recommended when repair is more expensive than replacement.