How did we become a mortgage broker in Guelph?

At Mortgage Guys, from the moment you join us, you’ll find that our passion, professionalism and transaction experience rival those of the largest and best-known companies. Indeed, it is these qualities that have allowed us to establish ourselves as one of Canada’s leading mortgage brokers, beginning in the Guelph/Kitchener/Waterloo area. We strive to provide you with the most cost-effective and satisfying financing that meets your needs without spreading you too thin. We will do our best to make your aspirations a reality.

Why choose a mortgage provider?

With Chuck and Dario at the helm, we offer a unique level of customer care that the big banks cannot guarantee. We value the relationship we have with each of our clients and believe it is our duty to not only provide you with the best mortgage, but to meet your needs. With a deep community of lenders, qualified and certified lenders, and verified compliance reports, you’ll never meet a client we can’t help. Whether you’re buying a new home, refinancing or renewing your current best licensed mortgage broker, organizing a business or buying a home to travel, you need someone on your side to make your dreams come true. That’s why our staff is made up of pleasant, educated and respectful mortgage specialists who are committed to helping you.

Jimmy About his Band

SNTJMS brings us a heartfelt track from his latest album Ain’t You Particular. This hip-hop culture follower creates music with simple, clever and brutal wordplay.

The composition “Ain’t You Particular” opens with a tense sounding synthesizer and an R&B style electric guitar. Then we are jolted out of our dreams by SNT JMS’s fast, reverberating percussion and manly rhymes; SNT JMS demonstrates his rapping ability and layered approach to lyrics in a relaxed chorus. A smooth transition from one voice to the next.

SNT JMS skillfully creates catchy and witty lyrics that mesmerize the listener. Lyrics such as “Raise your hands, raise your palms, it’s a stick up for me”, “I’ve been imagined and planned, I’ve been prayed for, I’ve had my minutes” and “I’m willing to do anything to earn bread” flow from SNT JMS’s lips like fine wine. The chorus lands on the shore like a wave with a reserve of sound, then sinks back into the depths.

I love the comedic ending that SNT JMS adds to this song, it brings you back to reality after listening to this cleverly constructed song. We all know that after listening to “Ain’t You Particular” you will be completely moved.

Enhance Your Bathroom Experience


Ove Decors is a shower, lighting and outdoor furniture company that offers homeowners high-end, DIY design options at affordable prices. The OVE collection is available in stores and online at leading retailers and this website, showrooms and home centers across the United States and Canada. With a bathtub installed every nine minutes in North America, the OVE bathtub collection leads the market in the hobby room category. The OVE collection offers a wide selection of glass tub doors, tub bases and walls, freestanding tubs and vanities – the ultimate in state-of-the-art bathroom fixtures.

A design that impresses.

As a family-owned business, Ove Decor remains true to its founding principles. It’s about providing homeowners with high-end bathrooms, lighting and outdoor furniture at affordable prices. Our unique design, analysis and improvement team ensures OVE’s distinctive connection to a variety of cutting-edge home options, from elegant to traditional, from compact to striking.