The cost of raising a child

Raising a child can be quite expensive. This article compares it to someone taking all their cash, setting it on fire and running to the bathroom. Sure, that may sound like an exaggeration, but when you add up the costs of childcare, baby clothes, toys, teacher’s clothing, equipment, transportation, and tuition, it’s easy to see how true that statement is.

According to this Guardian article (based largely on 2016 data), it’s something like £231,843 from the start of school to age 21. These numbers make me wonder how I’m going to make ends meet over the next few years, given that I have two children of my own.

Fortunately, I have managed to save a little on childcare costs. In order to take care of my children, I have been running my home business and have managed to create an online blog to meet my son’s needs. This has saved me a lot of money on childcare over the years. I don’t think my husband realizes how much money we have saved because I have stayed home for so long. Childcare costs are often the highest between the time I start serious schooling and the time I turn 4. Click here for more info

How to extend the life of your air conditioner


There are a few simple ways to extend the life of your air conditioner. To save money in the long run and avoid emergency repairs to your air conditioner, keep the following steps in mind and always visit

  • Clean your unit. Clean your unit regularly to remove dirt, pollen or leaves that may be lodged in or around the unit.
  • Cleaning the air vents Even if the air conditioner is working properly, cold air cannot pass through it if the air vents are clogged.
  • Filters should be replaced regularly.
  • Have them inspected every year. To avoid sudden breakdowns, have the unit checked by an air conditioner repair service provider once a year.
  • Give your unit a break. Turn it off when the weather is nice.
  • Protect the air in your home. Protect partitions, doors and windows from the weather to keep the cool air in.

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Luxury on the next level


Savaria is known as one of the largest manufacturers of affordable commodity products in North America. Founded in 1979, the company was purchased in 1989 by Marcel Bourassa, the current CEO and President. The company designs, develops and manufactures specialized products for private mobility, including high-end residential elevators, affordable residential and industrial elevators and affordable vehicles. Savaria, a publicly traded company (TSX:SIS), is financially sound and is growing to cover the costs of developing an unprecedented number of elderly residents worldwide.

In 2017, Savaria acquired the assets of Visilift LLC and its unique design, now known as the Vue Lift elevator. With additional investments in research and development and technical staff, Savaria has once again developed the Vue Lift elevator for success in the global marketplace.

Savaria’s eight manufacturing departments and its community of authorized distributors offer architects, builders and customers a significant global presence. To find a distributor near you, please contact us. To learn more about Savaria and its product line, visit